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What is the final res of a 4256x2832 image in Pro

The free version saves a hires 12mp image at a very disappointing 1199x796. What is the resolution of final images saved in the Pro version? Does the app save at the original resolution?

Jeff Perry , 07.01.2012, 01:18
Response from the site administrator
Nataliya, 11.04.2012
Dear Jeff!

Currently the VicMan Visage Lab PRO app saves images in the same resolution as free version. Do you need higher resolution?
Idea status: in process


Sb, 08.09.2012, 22:52
Yes higher res would be awesome. At this time I've stopped using your program due to such low quailty.
angela, 17.03.2013, 08:01
higher resoution would be fantastic!
Stuart Rowe , 31.03.2013, 16:38
The current resolution is not good enough. I sometimes have to go back to Photoshop just because the final resolution is so disappointing.

If we could choose the final resolution from a list of 4 that would be really great.
- original size
- large size
- medium size
- small size
Eugene , 15.07.2013, 14:38
Higher resolution options are desperately needed for some "PRO" usage! :-)
Cornbread Jackson, 18.11.2015, 20:18
I'd also like to comment on this.
I'm impressed with the app's function and performance (I have the PRO version) but find the output quality (1200x900) disappointing especially as phone resolution keeps improving.
I'm looking forward to an updated release of the app with improved output quality.
A commenter above had requested Original/Large/Medium/Small options to choose from which sounds like a great idea.
markova, 23.11.2015, 11:48
Hi Cornbread Jackson! Thank you for the valuable suggestion. We'll take it into consideration for the further implementation.

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